CHEM package v2.0 for Delphi

(C) Copyright 1998,1999 by Andrey Lakhtin, Ekaterinburg

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This package of components for Delphi represents an attempt to make enchanced visualization of chemical formulas stored as usual strings without additional formatting information. Main features of base class TChemString are:

CHEM package includes:
TChemStringbase class with new "chemical" properties and methods
TCustomChemLabel "chemical" analog of TCustomLabel
TChemLabel "chemical" analog of TLabel
TCustomChemEdit "chemical" analog of TCustomEdit
TChemEdit "chemical" analog of TEdit
TChemCustomComboBox "chemical" analog of TCustomComboBox
TChemComboBox "chemical" analog of TComboBox
TChemCustomListBox "”hemical" analog of TCustomListBox
TChemListBox "”hemical" analog of TListBox
TDBChemText data aware version of TChemLabel. "Chemical" analog of TDBText
TDBChemEdit data aware version of TChemEdit. "Chemical" analog of TDBEdit
TDBChemListBox data aware version of TChemListBox. "Chemical" analog of TDBListBox
TDBChemComboBox data aware version of TChemComboBox. "Chemical" analog of TDBComboBox
TQRCustomChemLabel "chemical" analog of TQRCustomLabel
TQRChemLabel "chemical" analog of TQRLabel
TQRDBChemText "chemical" analog of TQRDBText

Click here to download CHEM package for Delphi3 or for Delphi4

Freeware for non-commercial use.

Commercial license - $69 (with sources, life-time support, future versions). To order online click here (secure transactions) or here (if your browser does not support secure transactions).

Dear CHEM users! Now you can see the project of next version and take part in its construction.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

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Download: D3 or D4
Project of v3.0
Andrey Lakhtin's Resume